20 funny comics will help to make your day great by Speed Bump

Dave Coverly is a really smart and funny person who draws a comic strip called “Speed Bump.” His comics make people laugh and think about the funny and strange things that happen in our world. People have been reading his comics for a long time because they are so clever and make us see things in a new way.

“Speed ​​Bump” is a satirical comic that subtly observes and criticizes the peculiarities of everyday existence. Coverly’s unique talent is to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary, all while provoking laughter and contemplation. His sense of humor serves as a humorous lens through which readers can see the quirks and contradictions of contemporary society. Read-more :  20 Hilarious Strips That Will Lift Your Day

Coverly’s art style is simple, which makes the funny and smart parts really noticeable. Even though his drawings are simple, they have a lot of meaning and make the comic even more likable. The characters and situations he shows are like things that happen in real life but with a funny twist.






















The collection has lots of different kinds of comics, like ones with just one picture, ones with lots of pictures in a row, ones you read on the internet, and longer ones with a story. The comics have lots of different funny things in them. They can be about things that happen in everyday life, or they can be really silly and make no sense.

They also have 20 funny comics that make you think and jokes that are just really silly and make you laugh a lot. Some comics are like a TV show with the same characters and storylines in each episode, while others are like a quick joke that doesn’t continue in the next comic.

The comics are made by really talented and creative artists and writers from all over the world. They each have their own special way of seeing things and making funny jokes. You can read these comics on the internet on different websites and social media, so lots of people can see them.

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